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branding | app design

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Collaborate on a team to create an app that solves a specific problem, or provides a unique service.


Phyta was a collaborative app project between myself and my classmate, Krista Miller. The app focused on creating a database for plant enthusiasts to identify plants, and look up information regarding different species. The information provided includes plant care, climate, region the plant is native to and toxicity to animals and humans. Through a user’s phone, the application would identify plants in photographs to allow users to quickly learn the name and fast facts about a plant they discover. A social media aspect was included into the platform where users could post photos of their plants they have identified and post to a community tab quick plant lists. This gives users the ability to follow their friends and discover new plants. Stylistic choices were made to have the interface feel more luxurious and reliable, giving users the assurance that the product is a cut above the rest. My work on the project included concepting, research, screen design, and prototyping. 


Screens were designed in Adobe InDesign, and then imported to Figma for prototyping and user testing. Then, the designs were imported to Photoshop for mockups.

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